Hi I'm Sarah, The Sugared Rose and I guess you came here to find out a bit about me and all things Sugared Rose?

I have always loved anything beautiful, anything old (It’s the story’s that accompany the age of everything with a history that I love) all things bridal and a huge love of all things vintage. That’s quite a list I know but I decided to try and combine all of those with my other head-over-heels-love of baking!

For the last few years I have been very much enjoying baking to order in my council registered home kitchen. Baking for any occasion and in any style (It doesn't have to be vintage, bridal or traditional I'll give anything a go for anyone!) and am at my happiest when I am sitting quietly hand painting a wedding cake or crafting a rose with sugar.

The Sugared Rose (well as we have established now that’s me!) is based in Derby but I love an excuse to see new places so am quite happy to travel to you for consultations, or perhaps you can come to me and we’ll have a natter over a cuppa? I will also deliver so wherever you are and whatever you need just get in touch, I'd love to hear how I can help.

So you can put a name to a face that’s me on the right caught on camera (on the only day where I couldn't hide behind one) having a sneaky drink  and with me there are a couple of key people in those precious pics too that you may get to meet as they help me out from time to time. I am sure you can guess from the photo’s who they are…

Anyway that’s enough about me and what I do for now. I’ll be posting pics and updating you all on a regular basis here and through Facebook but also make sure you check out my blog where I will post lots more pics, examples, new ideas, run offers and competitions as well as occasionally sharing the odd recipe either of mine so you can create your own or from other talented individuals whose ideas and recipes I love!

So please stick around and have a nosey at what we have going on here and perhaps I'll hear from you soon?

 The Sugared Rose x