Emma & Chris - My first 'two-faced' Wedding cake

Posted on February 8th 2015

So to say this is a very different cake for me is an understatement. A very ambitious project from the get go, Emma and Chris knew exactly what they wanted.

We met at the very first Wedding fayre I ever took part in for Loved and Local and Emma showed me exactly what she wanted there and then with a screen shot on her phone. As you know from previous posts I am really not a fan of copying anyone's else's work but this was exactly the cake they were looking for so I set about researching this style of cake and completing sketches trying to come up with something of the same style but not a complete rip off, of the photo Emma showed me. To do this we made more of the roses and very traditional wedding cake details bringing them into the chocolate side as well. Emma also really liked a topper I had completed for another favourite couple of mine and so I reworked that onto the non-traditional side of the cake and arranged them differently.

Below is a couple of really rough sketches (apologies they are a bit 'rough') that we worked on together and the cake come on slightly from that when I actually came to complete it, but not too much.

We had many get together's and as the tiers of the cake were to be different flavours I completed tasters for the couple so they could try their ideas and make sure they worked with the chocolate fondant they would be having as part of the covering.

The wedding itself took place at the Mercure Burton Upon Trent Newton Park Hotel and what a beautiful place. Recently refurbished the dining room and conservatory were just something else.

For delivery I had an amazing helper with me (as the cake was so heavy) and together we set it up and added the strawberries (wearing chocolate tuxedos - which was a blast to do) at the very end, to a music soundtrack that included Metalica. (This made me love the venue even more!)

So anyway here it is the finished cake. I have to apologise for these pictures as they are not the best, I am still learning when it comes to taking photos.

I'll let you into a secret too. I was actually really worried about this cake. I know that's not the sort of thing you should share. Especially as a professional but I think it's important to share mistakes as we all make them.

I had previously not completed much chocolate work and I had, had a few disasters with the chocolate roses. So much so I had to go to the amazing Chocolate Trading Company very last minutes for ready-made ones. Tempering the chocolate for the cascade down the cake went exactly as planned, only the following morning wasn't as glossy as I had hoped. These things played on my mind and as they couldn't be changed and I just hoped above all else the couple still loved it like I did.

I shouldn't have worried. The day after the wedding I had the best phone call.! Emma called to thank me and re-assured me that they absolutely LOVED the cake. She was so lovely and had such nice things to say and by the sounds of it they got the comments they wanted and it fitted their day exactly as they planned. I couldn't have been happier for both of them and I may have even had a little squeal in happiness after we hung up!

So I want to say a massive thank you to Emma and Chris for giving me this enormous challenge. For letting me make your cake and for being part of your day. Have a fantastic time in Thailand and CONGRATULATIONS again.


The Sugared Rose xxx

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