A fun and floral wedding cake for Kerry & Gary at The Kedleston.

Posted on April 6th 2017

One very lovely day in October last year I had a lot of running around to do as I have two lovely wedding cakes to setup for two amazing couples and gorgeous weddings. The second of which was this beauty for Kerry and Gary who married in Derbyshire.

Kerry was put in contact with me by her lovely venue, The Kedleston and she contacted me with a clear idea on the cake style she wanted and the fact that she wanted sugarpaste flowers to match her fresh flowers. I just loved creating these flowers for her and the fact that the couple had separate cupcakes for the groom and bridesmaid.

The cupcakes were some gluten free chocolate ones for Bridesmaid Bill and some bounty hunter (coconut and chocolate) for the groom Gary with matching decorations and handmade tags. The main cake was a rough iced three tiered cake that was a range of flavours including; vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.

Well that's it for today another short and sweet post but below is loads of photo's for you that I took of all the elements created for this beautiful day and put together with the staff at The Kedleston. There are also a few of the couples actual photo’s from amazing photographer Jill Evans (@Jillevansphotography).

With love,

Sarah xx

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