A painted chocolate tile cake for a beautifully rustic October wedding

Posted on March 2nd 2017

Lucy contacted me with a very quick enquiry as she had seen exactly the type of cake she wanted and wondered if it was something I could create. I primarily work with fondant or royal iced covered cakes so this was a new one for me but I really, really wanted to do it as it sounded amazing and would give me chance to try something new.

I was so lucky that Lucy and Daniel did go ahead and trust me to complete their wedding cake. As well as being very understanding when I wanted to create a mini trial version to test out the techniques I needed to use. This was extremely useful as the design, with regards to surface decoration, did change ever so slightly as a result.

When I arrived at Swancar Farm County House it was bright and a very different day to the typical October day before when it had been pouring it down with rain.  For which I was glad as the last thing I wanted to do was dash across a beautiful courtyard with a very delicate cake!

The cake itself was completely stacked and finished before delivery and held together with a lot of chocolate. I took loads of extra hand tempered and cut tiles in case of damage in transit and set up and luckily I didn't need them. (Making the lovely venue staff happy as they were eyeing the spares up!).

The flavours of the cake included, Lemon and poppy seed, blueberry, chocolate and vanilla. Each tile was individual made and cut before being attached to the cake. Some tiles I hand painted and some used chocolate transfers as per the couples ideas. Fresh flowers and white chocolate shavings were the other decoration and a joy to add at the venue as a finishing touch.

That's everything for today on this lovely wedding. Enjoy all the photo's below of the cake and the lovely rustic touches created by the couple below. Congratulations again Lucy and Daniel - such a lovely couple!

With love,

Sarah xx