Rachel & Robert's stunning Stubton Hall autumn wedding

Posted on March 9th 2017

To say I had been looking forward to this wedding order would be an understatement. I had met Rachel a couple of times before talking wedding cake as she is a dear friend to one of my best friends. As soon as we sat down and she started telling me about what was planned for their day and her vision for everything I knew this was going to be a briliant cake to create. Rachel had a clear idea on what she wanted which was right up my street and I was even able to co-ordinate the painted element to her wedding stationary that our mutual friend Laura created for her.

When I arrived at the Stubton Hall early on in the morning, having never been before I was taken aback at how breathtaking it is. Mr Sugared Rose agreed as I actually had to bring him to help with me after having a little a bit of an accident the day before (leaving me unable to drive and hobbling around quite impressively). Never one to be deterred though we got everything in and then the Mr went for a walk around the grounds while I started the set up.

The cake table and the whole of the reception veue was just beautifully arranged. I loved all the props, details and especially the vintage manequin and hanging cake sign Rachel had hired from Mad Philomena. The tables already had all the biscuit favours I had created for the wedding placed on them (they had been picked up from me the day before) and looked brilliant alongside the succulent favors, stationary and place names.

I also managed to meet up breifly with her florist the amazing Rebecca from Floral Decor Flowers Nottingham. Rebecca provided the fresh flowers for me to attach to the cake and the couple had also left me a topper on the cake table to incorporate as well.

The staff at Stubton Hall could not have been more helpful and the best man and bridesmaids also came and offered help so I was well and truly sorted quite quickly and of course as usual got very snap happy with my camera. So here are a few I took on the day with a couple from Newton Photography as well.

Photo above by Newton Photography and below is some behind-the-scenes pics from the preparation for all the cakes, cupcakes and biscuits.

Now for the main cake table: