A rustic beauty of a wedding - Teal & Phill 28.11.2015

Posted on December 3rd 2015

I had been looking forward this wedding for over a year having first met the lovely Teal in September 2014 at a Vintage Chic Wedding fair.  This day has seemed on the horison for me for such a long time that I am somewhat sad that it has now passed, but extremely happy I got to make such a fun wedding cake. A huge thank you to Teal and Phill for making it happen and an even bigger congratulations again guys!

Teal and Phill's wedding on 28th November took place at Henley Golf and Country Club in Henley in Arden, and the couple brought in many extra touches and decorations to really make the day their own.

Teal had a very specific vision for their wedding cake. This was brilliant for me as it meant I had a very definite brief and didn't entail any too-ing and froo-ing around the design and details, but still the pressure was on to make sure it was just right!

This is the orginal sketch created for Teal and Phill for their first consultation from our brief converstation at the wedding fayre.

Then a few months later when it came to the mini trial cake for the couple it was a real experiment to try and achieve the look they were after. And whilst the finish and florals were great I didnt quite get the right colour for the birch. Luckily I managed to rectify that for the real thing by calming down the brown tones and increasing the use of royal icing. (A great reason why I like to try and create trial cakes for most wedding customers)

I dont usually do this but I though it may be fun to also show you the cake when half finished. Just to see the process. Its unusual for me to paint cakes one stacked but I thought it best for this one so I knew I would get the colours and details consistent throughout. It felt a bit 'alien' to be slicing, moulding and marking the fondant covering after taking the time to cover the cakes but the finished result even before colouring really showed the feel of the cake.

Then it was just a case of loading the paintbrush and going for it.

So here it is the wedding cake for Teal and Phill. A three tired cake in vanilla, lemon drizzle and orange drizzle all made to look like a silver birch tree. Sugar roses, white peony and blue hydrangeas make up some of the florals.

And now for some of the lovely details the couple created. I didnt managed to see them all as I had to arrive early with the cake due to my scedule but what i did see was so so lovely.

Finally a really lovely photo from the couples Photographer Dani of Dani Salmon Photography. Just look at that floral crown - so lush!

I really enjoyed the challenge of this cake. Getting to paint and sculpt was extremely fun. Congratulations again guys and I really hope you like reading a tiny bit about it from my eyes.

With love, Sarah xxx



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