Vintage lace & dinosaurs for the awesome wedding of Samantha & Shane 23.08.2015

Posted on August 31st 2015

I am sorry it has been a while, wedding season has rather kicked my butt a bit this year and I am finally catching up. However what a wedding to get back into full swing with though!

As a taster before I really begin here are a couple of Instagram photo's of this wedding and wedding prep from the other weekend:


When we first sat down together Samatha and Shane had a few clear ideas on what they were looking for in their wedding cake (flowers and lace were a clear must - yey) but not one clear one. So together over a few consulataions and trial cakes we came up with exactly what they wanted.  The couple were so easy to talk to and our consultations nearly always over-ran with more generic wedding natter, especially the last one, but that just made it even better and was great at getting me caught up in the excitment too.

Loads of things were looked at through the whole process with them but below are are couple of images of their trial cakes and their final sketch.

As you can probably tell this wedding had everything I love. There are elements of vintage styling with the lace touches and muted colours, I got to make an abundance of sugar roses which always makes me happy and I even managed to add another design skill under my belt (piping all that lacework on such a large scale was a first for me - I had only done that before on a couple of example cakes that were no where near that big).

The cake itself was based on a brandy soaked fruitcake, raspberry and white chocolate and a red velvet. I created all of the buds, leaves and flowers and then the lace detail was hand piped onto the cake. This was one of the most labour intensive cakes I have completed and I loved it!

The below photo was sent to the couple a week before the wedding for them to OK the flowers. We had only had a final consultation a couple of weeks before where I was able to see and photograph the bridesmaids dresses which my sugar flowers needed to match. It's always a tense time for me once I have completed the first flowers, waiting for the OK but luckily Sam and Shane loved them (phew).

fastforward a few days and many, many hours later after tonnes of piping bags, fondant issues and a worktop covered in shimmerspray and edible petal dust it was ready. What I didnt realise when I programmed my satnav is that their wedding venue was the stunning Weston Hall. I knew where I was going, I had seen the name on all my paperwork and had spoken to staff on the phone but it didnt click in to place untill I actually pulled up outside, that this amazing place was somewhere that Mr Sugared Rose and I often pass in the car and somewhere I had always wanted to see inside of. Now I could!

This next photo isn't one of mine (I sneaked a pic out the car window - hense the funny angle) It is from David Wadley Photography found on the Weston Hall Facebook page:

So now for the rest of the photo's - loads of the cake obviously but also some of the additional cake I created for the couple and their amazing hand made dinasour place card holders. I was shown these at out last consulation before the wedding. Sam and Shane had been frantically spray painting them all and using a hand-saw to turn them into place names. There was also going to be a dinosaur or a few with the cake but I had to leave before the rooms were completely set up so didnt get to see those unfortunately or all of the georgeous flowers. I also loved the childrens play tent Samantha and her mum had created. Anyway enough from me here are the photos:

The additional cake for Sam and Shane.

I loved everything about this wedding and the fact that Sam and Shane included dinosaurs into the mix and it not only worked but looked awesome, was just brilliant. Congratulations again guys. I hope you had a fantastic day.

Sending loads of love and thanks to you both,

Sarah xx

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