The wonderful wedding of Lindsey & Sarah - Mrs & Mrs Clarke-Butler 24.10.2015

Posted on November 4th 2015

To say I was excited for this wedding to finally arrive is a bit of an understatement. The excitement from Lindsey and Sarah when I first met them was infectious and this was the case with every consultation, meeting and email. Every natter was full of love and even laughter and these guys shared every detail making me feel very privileged to take part in somehting so special even in just this little way.

We first all met a the Pop Up Wedding Village at Calke Abbey back in May. After a few natters at the stand with both myself and Mr Sugaredrose, Lindsey got in touch for a get together.

The brief was to create some cupcakes for their guests that matched a cake decorated in the style of the print on their beautiful bridesmaids dresses. Their very lovely, very talented baker and 'Bestie' Rachel was to provide me with a brandy loaded fruitcake to decorate and it was a brilliant base for their ideas and design.

The wedding reception was held at St Mary's church Hall in Greasley and Lindsey and Sarah planned absolutely everything. This wedding could not be more DIY. Every detail was their very own and they even hired cakestands, teapots and other vintage props from us for the afternoon tea that all the guests would be treated to.

When I arrived on the morning the weather was a bit overcast and drizzly but spirits were very high. There were loads of Lindsey and Sarah's friends setting up the hall and decorations were in full swing. Armed with the cakes, flowers and extra table props I went around setting up the cakes (occasionally stopping to engage in a play superheo battle or being arrested by a very small and adorable policeman who had a pizza box lid for a shield - very cute and inventive!)

I set up the cupcakes on the stand Lindsey & Sarah had chosen and infilled the gaps with fresh flowers that I had brought with me . I also added a couple of extra teacups with cupcakes in, their cupcake menu and a couple of milk bottles with extra flowers in. Rachel and the girls then added the lights which looked brill and I think everyone was happy with the end result. This just left me with a few mins to kill taking photo's of all the lovey touches Lindsey and Sarah had planned and that their amazing team of helpers created.

But before I get ahead and skip to the many photo's, going back in time a bit here's a little look at the development process for thier cake including their orginal sketch and a couple of photo's of their trial cake.

Then of course there is the actual cakes themselves. I loved everything about this order. It was so personal matching the cakes to the bridesmaids dresses and I really loved the bright colours as they are not something I often get to play with.

So here it is, a painted birdcage cake (Scrummy fruit cake supplied by the couples amazingly talented bestie Rachel) and matching/toning cupcakes in four flavours. I even created them a menu for their guests so they knew what they were eating.

Anyway thats enough from me here is some more photo's of their truly fab DIY wedding!


See what I mean... the little touches and attention to detail, just perfect!

Huge congratulations again guys.

With love, Sarah xx

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