A boho wedding with beauty, blooms and bones for Suzanne & Piet

Posted on March 30th 2017

This whole boho style wedding was just so beautiful and exactly up my alley so this cake was just a dream to complete. I had been looking forward to this cake for so long as it has everything I love (Beauty, blooms and bones) so I was a little sad when it was done.

Bicycles, birds and beautiful blooms on a painted cake for Chris & Nutan.

Posted on March 23rd 2017

As soon as Linda contacted me (the lovely mother of the groom) about the wedding cake for Chris and Nutan I knew I was going to love every minute of it. I actually used to work with the grooms sister which is how we were put in contact with each other, and I am so thankful Heather referred me. As soon as I started designing this cake I was counting down the days until I got to make it.

A blush, bloom filled Chesterfield Wedding at Maison Mesamis for Gayle & Paul.

Posted on March 16th 2017

Maison Mesamis was a bit of a hidden jewel. I met Gayle and Paul there for our first wedding cake consultation and wow what a stunner it is inside. I had a really lovely meeting as the couple were so charming and made me feel so at ease. Gayle very much wanted to base her colour pallet and ideas on the wonderful painted elements around the bar area which is why we had met at the venue and then on the day even her painted table plan matched the decor as the same artist had completed that for her - just brilliant.

That day when the amazing Artist Francesca Simpson came to play.

Posted on March 13th 2017

A little while back I had a rather frantic tidy up and frenzied cleaning spree to get our house ready for a little and very welcome artist invasion. Usually I am all about the cakes as you know. But for a while now I have been toying with writing a few more personal blog posts about our (rather slow but steady) home renovation and vintage interior.  So when Francesca asked if she could use parts of our home (the finished bits) as a backdrop for amazing art and products I am afraid I was rather over excited with my acceptance.