Country swallows for an Alice In Wonderland wedding for Rosie & Chris.

Posted on February 13th 2017

Rosie contacted me way back in 2014 looking for someone who created painted cakes. As you know I love painting cakes and it's fast becoming my favourite type of cake to create as it combines all my loves. We did a lot of work together making sure all the design elements she wanted on the cake were there and the colours matched in with her ideas. Swallows were a key element and I love painting birds so it was truly a win-win for me. Also with the Alice In Wonderland theme I couldnt help myself and included a couple little rabbits on the cake too.

2016 Part 2 - A look back at some more wonderful weddings.

Posted on January 26th 2017

So here it is as promised, the 2nd half of 2016 in review. Lots of beautiful couples, stunning weddings and pretty awesome cake orders. The 2nd half of the year was jammed packed with weddings  with little room for anything else (just how I like it).

2016 Part 1 - A look back over a beautiful but hectic season.

Posted on January 14th 2017

Well I have gone and done it again. I can't believe my last blog was way, way back in August and now we are in 2017! I think its fair to say I rather failed in the blogging department in 2016. So this year fingers crossed I can keep to my resolution to get a bit more on top of website admin and sharing general prettiness with all you lovely folks.

Season summary coming soon - I promise!

Posted on August 29th 2016

So as you may have gathered I have been a little lax in keeping on top of my real wedding blog posts. Don't worry I will be completing a couple of season summaries very soon and will be blogging all about this years individual weddings when I can.