All Things Traditional

Sometimes our favourite treats stem from our oldest and dearest memories. The lemon or banana loaf that Nana used to make or the carrot cake always bought at the local craft fayre from the woman down the road. These treats sit in the back of our minds for years to come and surface on the odd occasion when we get that fresh baked smell in a farm shop or the odd supermarket.

We think that sometimes the old ones are definitely the best, so if you fancy a little traditional treat (or a few) we can help you out.

Some of our favourites include:
Lemon Drizzle Loaf, Banana Loaf, Tea Loaf, Classic Victoria Sponge, Carrot Cake, Loaded Fruit Cake,  Coffee Cake, Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf, Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake, Bannoffee Slice, Lavender & Honey Cake, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Indulgence Cake, Hazelnut Truffle Cake and Brown Butter Almond Loaf.

Mouth watering? Ours is! Contact us to enquire about placing an order.