Geode Cakes

The first Geode cake I completed was in 2014 and after it was picked up and went a bit viral in 2015 the demand has been growing and growing and I love it!
Since collecting rocks, gems, geodes and crystals as a child I have loved everything to do with them so having one of my cake so poular and the chance to vcreate many different versions has been brilliant. having uite a lot of practice at growinf sugar crystals now means that we can work with you to create any style and design in almost any crystal colour variation. There are a few photo's below (more coming soon) but a full range of the most recent past customer orders can be found on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.
Click here for a full list of flavours and get in touch for a natter about your ideas. 
*We are currently updating our lovely WEBSITE - more images coming soon*