As the majority of our cakes are created for the lovely individual it's hard to create a list of prices that actually means anything. If you would like to enquire about the price of a cake for any type of occasion then please contact us and we will work out the cost for your unique order.

Whilst it is very difficult to say as a (very) rough guide prices generally start from:
Cupcakes (each) £1.95
Traditional loaf style cakes £11.50
Traditional sandwich style cakes £17.75
Single tier occasion cakes £55.00
Small three tier wedding cakes £310.00 (no additional decoration) 

For Wedding orders:
A box of basic tasters is FREE but you will need to cover postage costs (more info on our flavours list) and all 5-6 inch trial cakes start at £45 (depending on the flavours and styles required).                                   

These are the starting prices for the most basic styles, designs and flavours but we design something unique to you so please get in contact so we can work out your individual cost or no-obligation quote.

Maybe we'll hear from you soon?

The Sugared Rose x